Chris Bale Associates Ltd
  Automotive Engineering - Business Management - Knowledge Management

Chris BaleA resource of professional engineering and technology management for the automotive and related industries.

With a rare combination of experience, ability, aptitude and response, clients have found impressive delivery and excellent value.

Chris Bale Associates Ltd has a group of skilled associates that have been retained on an as-needed basis for a number of years.  All the Associates are professional engineers and consultants in their own right and bring a breadth of specialist capabilities and experience to CBA projects

Chris Bale Associates Ltd is specialised in:

  • SI engine R&D
  • Programme management
  • Business Development
  • Business Improvement
  • Engineering education and training
  • Knowledge Management and e-learning
  • Diesel engines
  • Automotive supply chain development
  • Engine design
  • Engine development
  • Materials science
  • Design analysis and predictive engineering
  • Engineering Materials and coatings
  • Engine management and control systems
  • Engine testing and exhaust emissions measurement installations
  • Working with leading universities and UnICEG